Patch B for KAVKISKTSKFA 2019

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  • This post is deleted!

  • 2019b -  Security of functionality of virtual safes is improved. Please check your old safes, they should  be successfully migrated to new patch and will be available. Also information in open safes will be available only for user which enter password for opening safe.


    Can you consider also fix this small GUI problem in 2019?

  • That is pretty a mystery.

    My firefox is updated to 61.0 and I found KL certificate is again show in window above.

    Before, firefox shows the websites's own certificate.

    What is the real design? What can be bug?

  • @xzz123

    Firefox updated to 60.0.1

    kaspersky still keep good working.

  • Both 2018 patch I and

    2019 patch B

    were released.


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